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    Post  Jexen on Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:19 pm

    Since I cant post a reply in the Announcement that was made I figured I would just make this post.

    Im gonna go ahead and plagarize something from another community online I am active in.

    These are several of the worlds with where some of the Big online communities have pledged to go.

    US Worlds

    Anvil Rock - 4chan /vg/, Facepunch

    Borlis Pass - OMFGcata

    Yak’s Bend - Yogcast, GW2 Guru, GameTrailers, Kinda Ferocious, ZAM

    Henge of Denravi - NeoGAF, Guild Wars Reporter

    Maguuma -, Aureus Knights, Knights of Eminence, Better Late Than Never, Sages' Lost Intrigues

    Sorrow’s Furnace - (DAoC Vets), VexX Gaming (PvP), Hearts of Chaos (PvX),GuildMag, Kabal,, Arena Junkies, Perfect in Theory (PvP), Descendants of Honor (PvX), Guild Wars Insider

    Kaineng- (Asian Guilds) Thai Alliance

    Jade Quarry - PVP, Decisive Action (PvP), Lion's Arch Radio/Blue Isle

    Fort Aspenwood - RMA Clan (PVP), Penny Arcade

    Ehmry Bay

    Ferguson’s Crossing

    Darkhaven - Reddit (main), Reddit WvW, Oceanic alt, Almost Famous (PvP), Gamebreaker

    Vasburg - joO Binder (PvP)

    Eredon Terrace -(Québec/French Canadian)

    Crystal Desert - (SouthEast Asia), Team Legacy (this was considered the top WvW server in BWE3)

    Tarnished Coast - Unofficial Roleplaying server, The Gentlemen's Club,, Reddit's GW2 Official RP Guild

    Steamspur Mountains -Dragon Chasers

    Blazeridge Mountains - The Gaming Ent, /r/trees

    Isle of Janthir - Boons & Conditions, Redditors of the Mists(The Official Reddit Alliance *note that this is different than Reddit at large*)

    Sea of Sorrows - SomethingAwful, (Oceanic), (Downunder/AUS/NZ), (South East Asia) The Australian Cybergamer, Harlequin, Aurora Australis, Yakisoba, Aggroculture

    Deldrimor - (Latin American)La Hermandad, (Spanish)

    Scavenger’s Causeway


    Eternal Grove - Sea of Stars & Star Onions, Tribe Gaming

    EU Worlds


    Gandara - (English) GW2guru, Futilez (PvP), (UK Guild x1)

    Kodash -

    Blacktide - (Russian) (Polish) (Dutch), Midnight Mayhem (PvX),,,, Ancientz of Bronze Dragonflight,,,

    Istan -, Ragnarok, (Finnish) Frozen Dawn, (French) Luna Atra, (FR), (FR) Univers Virtuels

    Vabbi - 4chan/vg/,

    Kourna - (French)

    Fissure of Woe - (Italian Guilds), (Romanian Guilds), SomethingAwful, (Italian), TKOT

    Underworld - (Portugese), Maltese Community, 4chan alt

    Ring of Fire - (French),The Bulgarians (PvP), Facepunch

    Far Shiverpeaks - (Dutch),, (Nordic/Norway/Sweden),,, Ragnarok Of Primordus,,, The Northern Assembly

    Petrified Forest - Unofficial Roleplaying server

    Jade Sea - NeoGAF

    Desolation - (UK Guilds) Rockpapershotgun, PCGamer

    Magus Falls - (German Guilds)

    Whiteside Ridge - Reddit (main), GameTrailers, (Israel) Israeli Community

    Fort Ranik - (French)JeuxOnline, (French Guilds) JoL, CanardPC, hardwareFR, (Dutch),

    Ruins of Surmia - (Spanish), Reddit's Official EU RP guild

    Sharp’s Corner - (Spanish alt)

    Aurora Glade - (Spanish alt)

    Riverside - Guild Wars 2 Slovenia, Slovak and Czech community

    Elona Reach - (German),, guild-

    Augury Rock - (German Alt)

    Abaddon’s Mouth - (German Alt)

    With all that being said I put forth the question: Is a higher population or lower population server a better choice?
    I would tend to think that avoiding the highest population server (likely Sorrows Furnace) is a good option in favor of either Isle of Janthir or Darkheaven (with my personal preference being Isle of Janthir just because of the lore). I think however it was mentioned in another post that Darkheaven was the preferred server for BWE. The thing I see about that server however from the list is that it seems to be a pvp centric list of people, which is fine but not what I recall a lot of people in LP being interested in during GW1. Just my two cents and maybe some useful information, take it as you will.

    Edit - 8/2/2012 for updates that I am aware of.

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    Post  Ayerton on Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:01 pm

    It is where I landed with a few people from LP since we didn't have a set time and place.

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